Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct Expectations

At Barlow Creek Elementary School, we believe that all children have the right to learn in a safe, caring and orderly environment. A calm, safe, compassionate environment supports developing positive personal relationships. Our expectation is that students and adults will maintain an attitude that is co-operative, kind and respectful. We focus on respect for self, the environment and for all people, both in and outside of school in compliance with the BC Human Rights Code.

Be Respectful to Yourself – caring about your learning and yourself, including safety.


  • Always do your best
  • Make good choices
  • Be on time and ready to work
  • Be prepared; do your homework and use your planner

Be Respectful to Others – considerate of others’ personal feelings and properties.


  • Be polite and wait your turn
  • Treat others well
  • Use good listening skills
  • Be honest and tell the truth

Be Respectful of the Learning Environment caring about your school and your environment.


  • Clean up after yourself
  • Take good care of materials
  • Ask before borrowing
  • Recycle and reuse


Code of Conduct

In the Barlow Creek Learning Community, we are committed to developing competent thinkers who are creative, flexible, self-motivated, healthconscious citizens with a positive self-image.

The school has a strong rural history that has developed over the years because of everyone’s commitment to our children. Parents are involved and supportive. Teachers are committed to fostering a sense of belonging to create a warm culture and increase the frequency of pro-social interactions among students, staff, and families. Continuous school improvement is achieved by communication, collaboration, and in respecting people, their needs and their feelings.



The purpose of Barlow Creek’s Code of Conduct is to establish and maintain a safe, caring, and orderly school that will enable purposeful learning and positive social development for all students.

As students grow, they become more able to take responsibility for their behaviours. We believe that children learn from their mistakes and can learn to take responsibility for choosing effective behaviours and create positive solutions. Younger students will be treated appropriately for their age, and as they continue to grow, they will be expected to take on stronger leadership roles.

We expect that students will comply with rules and policies established in the School Code of Conduct and will act with due regard to the authority and responsibility vested in District employees. In instances where intervention and corrective measures may be necessary, the Principal will use discretion in determining the appropriate restitution or consequence.


Electronic Device Policy

At Barlow Creek Elementary, we believe that electronic devices are a distraction to student learning. They can also negatively impact peer relationships at school and in the community (text messages, pictures, videos, etc.). Cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, or other Smart devices are not permitted for use at school unless specified by the classroom teacher for curricular purposes. This includes in the morning after student drop-off, at lunch or after school while awaiting buses or parent pick-up. Should a student need to contact a parent, they are to request permission from their teacher to use a phone in the school.

Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be turned off and stored in backpacks while students are at school.

Please note that students bringing devices to school do so at their own risk—the school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment.

If a student is found using their device during school hours, it will be held at the office for a parent or guardian to pick up.


Safe & Caring School Environment

At Barlow Creek, we prohibit acts of discrimination against any person(s) as stated in the British Columbia Human Rights Code regarding:

Race, colour, ancestry, Place of origin, religion, Marital status, family status, Physical or mental disability, Gender, Sexual orientation, Gender identity or expression; age.

Unacceptable behaviour that is NOT tolerated in any activity sponsored by, organized by or participated in by the school regardless of the time or place:

Bullying, cyberbullying (during & after school hours), Harassment, intimidation, Threatening or violent behaviours Theft and vandalism Intoxicating or illegal substances Weapons or replica (toy) weapons Misuse of technology (cell phones, electronic devices, computers, internet) Intruders or trespassers – visitors must first report to the office. 


As circumstances warrant, school staff have a responsibility to inform:

  • Parents of students engaged in major and unsafe behaviours
  • Parents of students on the receiving end
  • Senior Administration, School Counselor, RCMP
  • Threat/Risk Assessment Team


Inappropriate Behaviour

At Barlow Creek School, consequences for Learn and Grow’ inappropriate behaviour are applied in a fair manner, respecting rights, responsibilities, age, maturity, and other factors relevant to the situation. We aim to use restorative, rather than punitive measures.

Inappropriate Behaviour can consist of, but is not limited to:

  • Rudeness, swearing
  • Hands-on, fighting (or play fighting)
  • Defiant behaviour, insolence
  • Throwing objects (rocks, sticks, snow, etc.)
  • Lack of respect for others (teasing/namecalling)
  • Unauthorized leaving of school grounds
  • Littering
  • Other behaviours that disrespect Self, Others, and the Environment

Consequences May Include:

  • Review of expectations
  • Restitution and restorative measures (apologies, actions to right wrongs)
  • Informing and/or meeting with parents
  • Time-out, removal from activities, loss of privileges
  • Development of behaviour plans
  • Out of school or in school suspensions
  • Working Team Meeting (Consultation with parents, Senior Administration, school staff, RCMP, etc., depending on the severity of the offence).


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